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Why is our system so effective?
In its simplest terms, we have designed a combination of specialised tools, products and procedures that allow our company to 100% waterproof the area without the need to remove tiles.

This obviously saves a lot of time, money and inconvenience in that each shower can be sealed in 3-4 hours and is usable the next day.
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Why does my shower leak?
Although showers or shower baths may leak for a number of reasons, by far the most common cause of leakage is building movement.

This can happen either as a building settles into its foundations, or as a building moves naturally with hot and cold weather.
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What can I do about my leaking shower?

There are many different things you can do when you have found your shower is leaking. Here we'll list some of the options.

The first option is to do it yourself. While doing it youself might seem like a cost-effective option, there are many things to take into consideration first.        
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  • Welcome to The Shower Repair Centre

    Leaky shower? The Shower Repair Centre (TSRC) specialises in waterproofing leaking showers without removing tiles using our exclusive Diamond Seal technology waterproofing system to seal wet areas and shower screens and revitalise the shower or bathroom area. With over 18 years of experience, and the commitment to uncompromising perfection, Our expertise is unmatched in our industry.


    Don't rip up or replace tiles without speaking to the experts

    Why is our exclusive Diamond Seal waterproofing system so effective?

    Diamond Seal is a combination of exclusive tools, products and procedures that allow our trained technicians to waterproof wet areas without the need to remove tiles. This saves you time, money and hassle.

    95% of leaking showers can be waterproofed with Diamond Seal
    Shower or bathroom area sealed within 2 to 4 hours
    Shower or Bath is usable the very next day
    Shower area and Bathroom revitalised new look


    All backed by our 25 Year Written Guarantee

    *In Qld Jobs Under $3300 Only as advised by the QBSA

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Job # 79020 - Thank you for all the hard work. Finally a shower that doesn't leak, very happy with service and even happier with the clean up afterwards..
Greg - 27 Oct 2014
Job # 93147 - Your technician worked very hard for the time he was there and has done a fantastic job.
Rex - 23 Mar 2016
Job # 94508 - Very happy with everything even cleaned up after themselves. 9 1/2 out of 10.
Tony - 22 Apr 2016
Job 55388 Stella, Taringa QLD : Everything went according to plan and he was such a nice young fellow
Stella - 6 Oct 2011
Job # 89017 - Fabulous service and very effective. Your technician is focused and gets the job done. Highly recommended. Thanks. Roz.
Roz - 12 Oct 2015